More emails prove Ilan Tzorya employs strawmen for extensive money laundering business

We know that the term “fraudster” refers to a person who takes money by deceiving people. But another thing to know is that fraudsters use people, known as “fronts”, as a way of shielding their own name and their secret criminal business.

Fraudsters—also known as scammers, swinders, or tricksters—are using increasingly sophisticated tactics to obtain people’s personal details. In the case of Ilan Tzorya, a man infamous for the pan-European fraud scheme and main operator of the controversial Tradologic, his tactics involve the use of various fronts to keep his secret business under the radar.

Whether its people (the strawmen), legal instruments, bank accounts, shell companies, among others, Ilan Tzorya’s success would not be existent without these “tools” that strengthen his credentials. Similar to other notorious fraudsters, Tzorya takes advantage of both objects and people regardless of what it may cost others.

Finleaks was able to get its hands on more evidence of Tzorya’s evil business. Emails exchanged between him and his colleague Milena Kabadzhova prove that he does, in fact, use fronts as a scapegoat to get him out of trouble in case it arises.

But before we dive into the subject, the following passage summarizes Ilan Tzorya’s extensive money-laundering business:

The great pan-European fraud scheme

The infamous scheme involves a complicated network of companies owned by Ilan Tzorya, Elfride Sixt, Werner Bohm and other individuals. The criminals in the so-called fraud arena work individually, running their own brands, however all for a single common goal.

The brands mainly target investors with Tradologic, EFRI and FinTelegram as the main company and touchpoint for the said clients. After the investors are taken a hold of by the scammers, they are passed around in the arena from one company to another, stealing their money through various techniques.

The scheme has netted over 800 million euros. But up to this day, it continues to earn as Ilan Tzorya and his criminal colleagues remain at work despite numerous indictments and accusations.

In the indictment prepared by public prosecutors against Tzorya, proof uncovers the system and other important information about the network.

Similar to most fraud schemes, the alleged stolen funds were transferred from one company to another until these could no longer be traced. In quote verbatim, the Indictment narrates it as:

“Companies of the Tradologic group such as liradologic Solutions Ltd., Seychelles, and liradologic Solutions Ltd., British Virgin Islands, for part in bulk transfers to from llan TZORYA and partly from Michael GOLOD and other secretly pursued accomplices and outwardly as operator companies of the respective “brands”, namely to the New Markets SA, Samoa, Gpay Ltd., Great Britain, Bright ldeas Ltd., Marshall Islands, the Dynamic Solutions Ltd., Marshall Islands, Rockarage Ltd., Marshall Islands, the Start Markets Ltd., Marshall Islands, Altair Entertainment NV, Netherlands (Curacao), Novox Capital Ltd., Cyprus, Capital Force Ltd., Samoa, Celestial Trading Ltd., Seychelles, Payific Ltd., Malta, Trimbalen sro, Catherine Ltd. and Hithcliff Ltd., Great Britain, as well transferred to other companies domiciled abroad, these funds then from there to other companies whose beneficial owners are predominantly llan TZORYA and other separately pursued accomplices were referred, namely to Global Media Partners Inc., British Virgin Islands, Seagulf Ltd., Marshall Islands, Global Media Partners Ltd., Seychelles, Winslet Enterprises Ltd., Bulgaria, and others abroad resident companies, where they usually use these transfers of bogus contracts or bogus invoices with incorrect names or service objects such as “Services Agreement”, “Agreement for Marketing Services”, “Consultancy Contract’, “Royalities”, “Marketing Service”, “Management Services” or similar cases and these funds are then ultimately transferred to Ilan TZORYA and other separately persecuted accomplices and thus into theirs Sphere transferred, namely to DTI Group Inc., Seychelles, Oldypak Capital LP, Great Britain, Super Dev EOOD, Bulgaria, Tradologic HK Ltd., Hong Kong, Global bal Fintech Solutions Ltd., British Virgin Islands, Lensing Management Services Ltd., British Virgin Islands, as well as to other companies attributable to them, whereby these payments as dividend distributions predominantly with incorrectly presented business cases camouflaged and they committed the act in relation to a value exceeding 50,000 euros.”

In summary, by transferring the funds to one company after another and manipulating the data by labeling the invoices incorrect names or service objects such as “Services Agreement”, “Agreement for Marketing Services”, “Consultancy Contract’, “Royalities”, “Marketing Service”, “Management Services” or similar cases, the money becomes untraceable and is then successfully hidden by the constituents of the fraud scheme.

More proof, Ilan Tzorya employs strawmen for money laundering business

Milena Kabadzhova, another notorious criminal in Tzorya’s fraud arena, confirms in the emails exchanged between her and Ilan Tzorya that he is, in fact, paying straw men—in this case the straw woman, Sonya—as part of his partnership with Uwe Lenhoff.

Sonya is being used as the front of Tzorya and Lenhoff’s company, “Capital Force”—which is one of the companies involved in the German and Austrian investigations. The company is also mentioned in the indictment against Tzorya (as seen in the passage above).

Ilan instructs her to ask Hans, the CFO of Tzorya and Lenhoff’s shared brands such as Option888 among others, to start paying directly from their company and not from Tzorya’s own pockets.

As shown in the emails, they discuss the price of the strawmen’s services.

These emails confirm (once again) that Tzorya is in fact an owner of the “Lenhoff brands.” It also shows how deeply involved he is in the nitty gritties of its operations and money laundering schemes.


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